Transform your break room with CDC’s Simple Guide to Single Serve!

Simple Guide Single Serve


We understand that your return to the office may call for some adjustments. Coffee Distributing Corp. created the ultimate guide to make it easy for you to transform your break room and pantry. Included in our Single Serve Guide are all the easy switches you can make to ensure your associates feel comfortable in the break room!

Inside our guide you can find options for …
• Milk & Creamers
• Cold Brew
• Sweeteners
• Condiments
• Cups & Lids
• Individually Wrapped Items
• Dispensing Systems
• Single Serve Snacks
• Single Serve Cereal
• Premium Snack Boxes

Click here to download our Simple Guide to Single Serve

We are so excited to help support you and your staff to ensure a safe return to the office!