The world is your oyster when you add a FLAVIA CREATION Brewer in your break room! FLAVIA Brewers allow for endless coffee, tea and other beverage creations. Quite literally endless, since all of CDC’s FLAVIA Brewing options have a plumbed in feature which allows for the brewer to be connected to a water system.

What makes FLAVIA Brewers so unique?

FLAVIA Brewers use “Freshpacks” to brew beverages. Freshpacks are designed for there to be no taste or allergen transfer between drinks. This feature is one of the many that sets FLAVIA Brewers apart from other brewers. Because no one enjoys drinking a cup of tea with coffee grinds in it!

All CDC’s FLAVIA Brewers are capable of brewing coffee, tea and hot chocolate. But the options don’t end there, you can also brew cappuccinos, lattes and mochas. Create your beverage of choice within a minute! Browse through our FLAVIA Brewing options.


The CREATION 200, also known as C200, is the perfect brewer for an office of 30 or less employees. The water tanks hold 101.4 ounces of water. If you choose not to opt for the plumbed in option, the C200 will brew 14 medium cups until the water tank must be refilled.


The CREATION 500, also known as C500, is a great option for an office of 30 or more employees. The C500 looks great in the break room with its LCD display and compact size. Additionally, you can pick your language of choice- choose between English, Spanish and French. Similar to the C200, if you opt not to do the plumbed in option, the C500 will brew 14 medium cups until the water tank must be refilled.

Don’t forget to try the “Over Ice” feature!  This feature is pre-programmed and allows the brewer to dispense just the right amount of coffee for a great flavored iced coffee.


The CREATION 600, also known as the C600, is another great option for an office of 30 or more employees. You may choose to not opt in for the plumped in option, however the pour-over option is only available with the purchase of the FLAVIA REFILL module.

The C600 is the ultimate brewer filled with endless features and access to FLAVIA IQ.

  • Customized Brew Cycles Based on Product
  • Multimedia Touch Screen
  • LCD Display
  • Interactive Content Displayed While Brewing
  • English, Spanish & French language Options
  • Automatic Cup Stand
  • Online Portal to Manage Brewers and Monitor Consumption Trends (FLAVIA IQ)
  • Automatically Sends Email Service Alerts (FLAVIA IQ)
  • Report an Issue or Request Cleaning or Restocking (FLAVIA IQ)
  • Create and Upload Content (FLAVIA IQ)
  • Remote Firmware Updates (FLAVIA IQ)
  • Dairy and Non-Dairy In-Cup Milk Frothing Option
  • “Over Ice” Brew Option
  • Customized Brew Strength
  • Option to Operate with Smartphone

Additionally, the C600 brews cold brew coffee, iced coffee, iced tea and infused water with the additional purchase of the FLAVIA CHILL module. By adding the CHILL, you can unlock the full potential of your C600—making the only all-in-one hot and cold beverage system. When you put an unmatched variety of beverages at your coworkers’ fingertips, everyone gets just what they want!

Flavia Brewers

CDC has endless drink combinations from your favorite brands, including Starbucks Coffee, Peet’s Coffee, Lavazza, Alterra, Bright Tea Co., Dove, La Colombe, and more.