We have now sold out of Flavia Japanese Green tea. Only four of the original Flavia drinks remain in stock — the rest have been completely replaced by the new Alterra coffees and Bright Teas.

The Bright Tea company offers three new Green Teas. Select Green Tea (code: BTGT) is the recommended replacement for Flavia Japanese Green. For those who insist upon a Japanese green tea, Bright Tea Japanese Green Tea (code: BTGTJAP) is available, but it sells for a $3 premium above all other coffees and teas for your Flavia brewer. Mars Drinks also offers a Green Tea with Jasmine (code: BTGTJ) option, though the jasmine flavor gives it a completely different taste.


Bright Tea Company Green Teas

Bright Tea Company Green Teas


Mars Drinks describes the Select Green product as follows:

Mao Feng style spring harvested green tea produced in the Zhejiang province of China exudes a sweet, fresh and slightly vegetal taste and aroma with nuances of roasted rice and chestnuts. A light-bodied tea with a nutty, well-balanced taste.

Please check out our Bright Tea Company webpage for images and descriptions of the full line of new teas. Don’t yet have Flavia single-cup coffee in your office? Check out the C400 brewer today, and ask us about a free trial!