Congratulations to our friends at Mars Drinks the parent of Flavia on Fortune Best Places To Work.

Flavia single-cup brewers, Alterra Coffee, and Bright Tea — has an ad touting the integral role its products play in making for a great workplace. We agree, and so do many of the top companies featured in Fortune’s rankings.

Flavia best places work

Mars Fortune Magazine Ad

Unlike many other coffee companies, Mars Drinks focuses exclusively on the office environment. Flavia brewers are not sold retail or marketed for use in the home.

This unique approach yields multiple benefits to the end user. All of the manufacturer’s efforts are spent designing rugged equipment that can withstand vigorous commercial use. Equally important, purchasing managers who choose Flavia as their office refreshments solution can offer a top-quality perk that employees will love, without worrying that visitors to their breakroom will be tempted to bring some of the great offerings home for personal use, which can escalate the cost of competing systems.

Flavia best places work

Flavia Ad In Fortune Magazine

CDC is proud to be one of the largest Mars Drinks distributors in the country — by far the largest in the New York – New Jersey – Connecticut region. We weren’t surprised to learn that so many of the “top places to work” have Flavia brewers — we’ve been delivering Mars Drinks to many of the most prominent law firms, financial companies, and other organizations both large and small, throughout the New York City area for well over a decade.

If you don’t yet have a Flavia brewer in your office, ask us about a Free Trial!