Green Mountain’s summer season officially runs from June 6th through August 19th. All of the summer seasonal coffees and teas are now in stock!
A few special notes about the summer season:

  • Summer Safari Blend is now available!
  • Island Coconut, introduced in the spring, will be available through the summer as well!
  • Brew-Over-Ice K-Cups are back!

Summer Safari Blend and Island Coconut are both Fair Trade certified, as are all of the limited edition coffees in Green Mountain’s seasonal program.


Green Mountain Summer Seasonal Coffee

Green Mountain Summer Seasonal Coffee


Summer Safari Blend is available only in 50/2.2 ounce frac packs (code: GMSS2).

A spirited blend of South American and East African coffee. Destination Delicious.

What do you get when you take the crisp, clean flavors of South American coffees and blend them with slightly wild East African beans? If you’re lucky – and you are – you get our Fair Trade Summer Safari Blend, a spirited, slightly tropical take on summer.

Island Coconut flavored coffee is available in 50/2.2 ounce frac packs (code: GMIC2), 10 oz ground bags (code: GMIC10G), and K-Cups (code: GMKIC).

We’ve captured the lush aroma of freshly grated coconut — fruity, fresh, exotic — and blended it with the subtle sweetness of a lightly-roasted, Central American coffee. The result is as refreshing as it is unexpected.

For Keurig customers this summer season, Brew Over Ice K-Cups are back for a second straight year! We sell two over-ice coffee K-Cups, five tea K-Cups, plus a tea variety pack.


K-Cup Brew Over Ice Coffee And Teas

K-Cup Brew Over Ice Coffee And Teas


Now in stock:

  • Over-Ice French Vanilla Coffee (code: GMKIFV)
  • Over-Ice Nantucket Blend Coffee (code: GMKINAN)
  • Over-Ice Southern Sweet Black Tea (code: GMKIT)
  • Over-Ice Half and Half Black Tea and Lemonade (code: GMKITHALF)
  • Over-Ice Sweet Lemon Black Tea (code: GMKITL)
  • Over-Ice Sweet Peach Black Tea (code: GMKITP)
  • Over-Ice Sweet Raspberry Black Tea (code: GMKITR)
  • Over-Ice Perfect Iced Tea Variety Pack (code: GMKITV)

These “Over-Ice” K-Cups work the same was as a regular K-Cup, in your single-cup Keurig brewer, but they contain more product so that they don’t taste “watered-down” when served over ice. Accordingly, these K-Cups are slightly more expensive. See our previous post for a video demonstration of brew-over-ice K-Cups!