Green Mountain Coffee Roasters is known for offering a diverse selection of coffee blends, in a wide range of package sizes. That is still the case, but Green Mountain has recently decided to discontinue a small percentage of its product line. Most are already out of stock, but a few are still available, while our supplies last.


Green Mountain Coffee Selection

Green Mountain Coffee Selection


Below is a list of SKU’s which have been discontinued by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters:

Discontinued Green Mountain Coffees

  • Green Mountain Caramel Vanilla Cream Ground 12 oz
  • Green Mountain French Roast Decaf K-Cups
  • Green Mountain French Vanilla Decaf Ground 2.2 oz
  • Green Mountain Harvard Blend Ground 2.2 oz
  • Green Mountain Organic Espresso Blend Bean 4 lb
  • Green Mountain Organic Espresso Blend K-Cups
  • Green Mountain Organic French Roast Decaf Ground 7.5 oz
  • Green Mountain Organic Guatemalan Gold Bean 5 lb
  • Green Mountain Organic Vanilla Cream Ground 2.5 oz
  • Green Mountain Rain Forest Nut K-Cups
  • Green Mountain Southern Pecan Decaf Ground 12 oz

Other Discontinued Coffees

  • Coffee People Wake Up Call K-Cups
  • Diedrich Colombian K-Cups
  • Diedrich Colombian Decaf K-Cups
  • Diedrich French Roast K-Cups
  • Gloria Jean’s Cappuccino K-Cups
  • Gloria Jean’s Swiss Chocolate Almond K-Cups
  • Emeril’s Jazzed Up Decaf K-Cups
  • Emeril’s Big Easy Bold K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Caramel Vanilla Nut K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Cinnamon Pastry K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Colombian K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Colombian Decaf K-Cups
  • Timothy’s German Chocolate Cake K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Irish Cream K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Italian Blend K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Kahlua K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Midnight Magic K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Mocha Java K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Parisian Nights K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Private Blend K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso Blend K-Cups
  • Timothy’s San Lorenzo K-Cups
  • Revv Pulse K-Cups

Discontinued Tea and Cocoa K-Cups

  • Bigelow Organic Green Tea K-Cups
  • Celestial Seasonings Earl Grey Tea K-Cups
  • Green Mountain Hot Cocoa K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Chai Tea K-Cups
  • Timothy’s Lemon Blueberry Tea K-Cups
  • Timothy’s White Hot Chocolate K-Cups

Green Mountain still carries a wide range of regular, decaf, flavored, and seasonal coffees — ground, bean, and K-Cups. We would be happy to discuss appropriate substitutions with you. You can also check out our web pages devoted to listing all of the Green Mountain coffees, GMCR branded coffees, K-Cup teas and cocoas, and seasonal Green Mountain coffees that we carry.