What Happened to My Coffee Kits?

We are no longer selling coffee in “kits” with filters.  A variety of factors have convinced us that it is better to give you, our customer, the option to choose the proper amount and type of filter for your coffee.  Starting today, please order your paper filters separately when you need them.

If filters were previously included in your Coffee Kit, you will now be able to order them at no charge when you place your coffee order.  Filters are available by the sleeve (@50 per bundle) or by the case if you prefer to order them less frequently and keep a supply on hand.  Please be sure to order them at the same time as your coffee to qualify for the no cost filters.

For those who have traditionally ordered and paid for their filters and coffee separately, there will be no change in procedures.

Ordering online at shop.cdccoffee.com?  You should see a message in red below each kit code directing you to the replacement coffee and filter product codes to use.

Shop.cdccoffee.com Screenshot

If you have any questions, please contact your account rep, call our customer service line at 800-356-8881 x2, or email [email protected]