The Flavia brewer is our most popular single-cup office coffee solution — for quality, on-demand coffee, customized to each user’s taste, with no waste or clean-up. It is important to note that this is NOT instant coffee, but real, fresh brewed coffee, one cup at a time. So how does it work?


Flavia Filterpack X-Ray Flavia Filterpack X-Ray


Each Alterra coffee filterpack contains real ground coffee and an individual filter. Your coffee is brewed the same way a pot of coffee is brewed in a traditional drip coffee maker, just on a smaller scale. First, a quick burst of air opens up the sealed packet. Then, pressurized hot water is injected into the filterpack, your coffee is brewed, and it flows out the bottom of the packet, through the embedded filter and into your waiting cup.

There is no contact between beverage and machine. Your coffee is brewed inside the packet, and dispensed directly into your waiting cup — a sanitary solution with no clean-up!


Brewing Flavia Coffee Packets Before And After Brewing Flavia Coffee Packets Before And After


We carry a variety of Flavia brewers, including the popular C400 (large office) and C200 (smaller office) models. Follow the links to learn about all of the Alterra Coffee Roasters coffees and Bright Tea Company teas that are available — the beauty of single-cup brew systems is that each user can satisfy his or her taste without having to brew an entire pot.

Contact us to learn about trying a Flavia system in your office!

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