Employee Appreciation Day is Friday, March 4th, and we know all the tips and tricks to help ensure your associates feel the appreciation they deserve. It is important to show gratitude to your employees to show their hard work does not go unnoticed. So how do you properly celebrate Employee Appreciation Day? Below are five ways to help make your employees feel appreciated!

Celebrate Employee Appreciation

Send a Snack Box

We heard the key to your employees’ hearts are snacks! Gift your employees one of our premium snack boxes. Whether you are working in the office, remote or hybrid, your associates will love coming home to a delicious surprise. Each snack box is filled with the latest and trendiest snacks and beverages. To place a snack box order please contact [email protected].

Dessert Party

Throw your associates a dessert party! Utilize our single serve dessert items for a covid safe celebration. Pick from an array of sweet treats like cookies, brownies and ice cream!

Celebrate Employee Appreciation
  • Haagen Dazs Chocolate Ice Cream (3.6oz)- SKU 29021
  • M&M Mint Ice Cream Sandwich (4oz)- SKU 91945
  • Oreo Mini Bites (1.5oz)- SKU 6620
  • Flipz Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzels (2oz)- SKU 26658
  • Good Mollys Vegan Brownie Bites (4.5oz)- SKU 81853     
  • Grandmas Chocolate Brownie Cookie (2.5oz)- SKU 6496 
  • Sheila Gs Salted Caramel Brownie Brittle (1oz)- SKU 30252            
  • Milk Bar Birthday Truffle Crumb Cakes (2.33oz)- SKU 90453
  • Milk Bar Chocolate Birthday Truffle Crumb Cakes (2.33oz)- SKU 90454     

Candy Bar

Celebrate Employee Appreciation

Give your employees a surprise guaranteed to sweeten their day! Put together a candy bar with our sweet, chocolatey and sour candy collection.

  • Smart Sweets Red Twists (1.8oz)- SKU 89170       
  • Smart Sweets Sourmelon Bites (1.8oz)- SKU 89169            
  • Project 7 Gummy Bears (1.7oz)- SKU 90073          
  • Skittles Original Fruit Party Size (50oz)- SKU 80721            
  • Sour Patch Big Kids (.19oz)- SKU 51194   
  • Mars Starburst Party Size (50 oz)- SKU 79806       
  • Milky Way Fun Size (10.65oz)- SKU 49079             
  • 3 Musketeers Fun Size (10.48oz)- SKU 53083
  • Baby Ruth Fun Size (10.2oz)- SKU 78328
  • M&M Peanut Fun Size (10.57oz)- SKU 44235       
  • M&M Plain Fun Size (10.53oz)- SKU 47855            
  • Nestle Crunch Bar Fun Size (10oz)- SKU 76737     
  • Snickers Fun Size (10.59oz)- SKU 43806  
  • Jolly Rancher Original Flavor (7oz)- SKU 10307
Celebrate Employee Appreciation

Make a Thank You Video

Go above writing thank you notes to show employee appreciation. Collect and combine video clips of your associates giving a shout out to fellow co-workers. This is a great way to bring the office together and reflect on all the amazing work your associates have accomplished.


Cheers to success with worktails! Create worktail Mocktails with Monin Syrups! Our syrup collection allows for countless drink combinations. Try adding Monin Syrups to sparkling water, lemonade, tea and more!

Celebrate Employee Appreciation
  • Monin Amaretto Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 28003
  • Monin Apple Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 17558
  • Monin Blueberry Syrup (25.4oz) – SKU 17535
  • Monin Coconut Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 12467
  • Monin Ginger Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 51654
  • Monin Honey Sweetener Syrup (33.8oz)- SKU 29130
  • Monin Organic Agave Nectar (25.4oz)- SKU 28006
  • Monin Passion Fruit Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 28007
  • Monin Peach Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 17534
  • Monin Pure Cane Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 29539
  • Monin Raspberry Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 12478
  • Monin Strawberry Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 12479
  • Monin Vanilla Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 20178
  • Monin Watermelon Syrup (25.4oz)- SKU 12481

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