Do you know the difference between ICED tea and ICE tea?

Iced tea refers to hot tea that has been poured over ice. Ice tea is tea that has either been brewed cold or has been cooled down before serving.

Teatulia ICED Tea

Teatulia is a Denver-based, Bangladeshi-grown organic, high-quality tea company. Their garden in Bangladeshi started as a barren land and they brought it back to life through regenerative farming. Teatulia obtains its high-quality tea by delivering tea straight from their garden to your cup! In other words, this means Teatulia is 100% organic, free of pesticides and full of antioxidants.
Other than Teatulia producing great tasting tea, they also value the environment and their community. By using natural farming practices that don’t harm the environment, Teatulia was able to create a diverse and thriving ecosystem that is highly sustainable and provides a bright future for the Bangladeshi men and women who help cultivate their exquisite teas.

Have you tried our Teatulia iced tea beverages yet?
• Teatulia Classic Black Iced Tea
• Teatulia Ginger Green Iced Tea
• Teatulia Hibiscus Berry Iced Tea
• Teatulia Hibiscus Fusion Iced Tea
• Teatulia Iced Pomegranate Green Tea
• Teatulia Watermelon Black Iced Tea

For Five ICE Tea

For Five was founded in 2010 by two best friends from Queens who wanted to introduce specialty coffee by New Yorkers for the world. The two ventured into the specialty coffee roasting and wholesale business and built their roasting facility in Maspeth, Queens. Once For Five mastered the art of coffee making, they began producing high quality ice tea as well! CDC loves For Five and supporting local!

Have you tried our For Five ice tea beverages yet?
• For Five Raspberry Tea
• For Five Tropical Green Tea Cold Brew
• For Five Raspberry Ice Tea Cold Brew
• For Five Green Tea
• For Five Black Tea Cold Brew

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