Browse through July’s new selection of trending snacks and beverages. This month’s selection features a range of products- from women-owned to locally sourced, each item is unique. We have a product for everybody, no matter what your dietary restriction is! Read more about July’s snacks and beverages and their fascinating stories below.

Lemon PerfectLemon Perfect July Trend

Squeeze more out of hydration! Organically-farmed, Lemon Perfect lemons pack a powerful, health-promoting nutritional punch. They squeeze half an organic lemon, then use gentle processing and cold-fill their bottles to naturally maintain the hydrating superfruit benefits of freshly squeezed lemons. Full of flavor and with zero sugar, Lemon Perfect is the new, naturally refreshing squeeze on healthy hydration.

  • Lemon Perfect Cold Pressed Dragon Fruit Mango Lemon Water (12oz)- SKU 95428
  • Lemon Perfect Cold Pressed Lemon Water (12oz)- SKU 80559
  • Lemon Perfect Cold Pressed Peach Raspberry Lemon Water (12oz)- SKU 95429

Wafer Ever BarWafer Everbar Trend

It has happened to the best of us, we are in the middle of a busy day and we start to get hungry, maybe even tired, with no time to sit down for a meal in sight. We’ve just got to have a snack to keep us going. Or we just need something deliciously light and crispy to indulge in, for no special reason! Wafer Everbar was created so that you can keep your energy up.

Eat Wafer Everbar and keep on going!

  • Ever Bar Dark Chocolate Wafer (1.2oz)- SKU 78123

Munk PackMunk Pack

From Tobias and Michelle Glienke’s corporate lives to their camping adventures, they were always looking for portable, nutritious, great tasting foods. They started by testing recipes in their kitchen and selling products at local farmers markets to gather first-hand feedback from their community. They’ve since scaled up to selling their delicious snacks at their favorite grocery stores throughout the country.

They worked hard over the years to develop innovative snacks that taste great and meet their demanding nutritional standards. High quality, real ingredients are always their priority. Through Munk Pack, they are empowering people to lead active, healthy lifestyles on the go. Munk Pack is proud of their giving back program- this year they are donating to the Yosemite Conservancy’s grant that funds the research of contaminants in Yosemite’s waters.

  • Munk Pack Keto Nut & Seed Sea Salt Dark Chocolate Bar (1.23oz)- SKU 94269

Renewal MillRenewal Mill Trend

Named a World Changing Idea by Fast Company, Renewal Mill is an upcycled food company that fights climate change and global food loss by upcycling byproducts from food manufacturing into superfood ingredients and premium, plant-based pantry staples.

At Renewal Mill, their vision is to create a new circular economy of food that closes the loop in today’s current supply chains, keeps valuable nutrition from going to waste, and reduces their impact on the environment. They believe that doing good should be, well, pretty darn delicious.

  • Renewal Mill Miyokos Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie (2.3oz)- SKU 95431
  • Renewal Mill Miyokos Vegan Salted Peanut Butter Cookie (2.3oz)- SKU 95430

Afficionado Coffee RoastersAfficionado Cold Brew

Founded in 2008 by two friends with a passion for coffee, Afficionado has grown into a leading wholesale and consumer brand – built on the lasting relationships with farmers and their communities around the world.

Equipped with an uncompromising boot-strap mentality, Afficionado’s small but mighty team travels to remote regions of the coffee-producing world in search of a deeper meaning in every cup. Through years of partnerships with the same communities at origin, Afficionado has committed to providing farmers with the tools and innovation they need to thrive. At home in their New Jersey roastery, a culinary approach is applied to the roasting process, done entirely by hand on a vintage 1955 Gothot roaster. The final products celebrate the rugged beauty of the land and the people who call it home.

  • Coffee Afficionado Magical Cold Brew Can (8.4oz)- SKU 89173
  • Coffee Afficionado Cascara Can (8.4oz)- SKU 89172

Better BeanBetter Bean Hummus

Created by Keith Kullberg and cultivated by the whole family. As a young college student at Oregon State, Keith developed an original recipe for refried red beans. So deliciously nutritious, his beans became a weekly family favorite. While Keith loved taking a full weekend day to cook his refried red beans for the coming week, he always begrudged the fact that he couldn’t buy a tasty, ready-to-eat bean at the grocery store. For Keith, canning his beans was just not an option. Inspired by fresh salsa and pasta, Keith put his beans in a tub and sold them fresh in the refrigerated section. In 2010, Kullber-Rios family launched Better Beans in local stores and Portland area farmers markets; the community agreed: fresh beans were better. Now sold nationwide, their family strives to realize their vision of bringing easy, tasty, healthy beans to everyone.

  • Better Bean On the Go PDX Hummus (2oz)- SKU 95444

Sweet NothingsSweet Nothings Bites

The story of Sweet Nothings starts with their founder, Beth Porter, finding herself in a classic situation: trying to feed her family healthy snacks they’ll actually eat. On her journey to find plant-based, palate-pleasing perfection, she discovered that smoothies were a hit with all ages but blending up batches that were delicious and nutritious was a lot more prep work and cleanup than she had time for. From that quest to make a better bite to eat, Sweet Nothings was born. They were founded on a belief that everyone should be able to eat in a way that’s tasty, wholesome, and convenient. That’s why they don’t just make snacks for kids or busy parents, they make great food for everyone.

  • Sweet Nothings Apple Cinnamon Superfood Nut Butter Bites (1.41oz)- SKU 91697
  • Sweet Nothings Banana Chocolate Chip Superfood Nut Butter Bites (1.41oz)- SKU 91696

Alter EcoAlter Eco Truffles

Alter Eco makes food that restores rather than depletes. From soil to shelf, their snacks are the cleanest and greenest on Earth. Their products are grown in thriving ecosystems by small-scale, fair trade farmers. Incredible taste requires high-quality clean ingredients. Always organic, no weird stuff ever. Their products use recyclable or compostable packaging that eliminates or reduces waste.

  • Alter Eco Dark Milk Chocolate Silk Velvet Truffles (0.42oz)- SKU 57429
  • Alter Eco Organic Classic Dark Chocolate Truffles (.42oz)- SKU 74448
  • Alter Eco Salted Caramel Truffle (.42oz)- SKU 75427

Baked in BrooklynBaked in Brooklyn Flatbread

Baked in Brooklyn is located in Greenwood Heights, Brooklyn, a classic NYC melting pot neighborhood. And Baked in Brooklyn never sleeps. The state-of-the-art bakery runs 365 days a year, making the Baked in Brooklyn snacks as well as fresh pita, baguettes, boules and more. With a team of over 200 employees, the bakery is an anchor for jobs, community service and, of course, the unmistakable aroma of fresh bread. In 2012 they joined the Brooklyn Nets Assist program, where they work with organizations such as the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Maimonides Medical Center, Baked in Brooklyn is proud to give back!

  • Baked in Brooklyn Flatbread Crisps (1oz)- SKU 51507

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