Browse through June’s new selection of trending snacks. This month’s selection features a range of snacks and beverages- from women-owned to minority-owned to locally sourced, each item is unique. We have a product for everybody, no matter what your dietary restriction is! Read more about June’s snacks and beverages and their fascinating stories below.

REAL CookiesREAL Cookies  

Lauren and Marla love food that tastes great and makes them feel energetic and healthy! They also LOVE cookies! As lifelong friends, they wanted to share cookies that everyone in their families could eat despite dietary restrictions or allergies. They couldn’t find any that tasted like the real thing, so they created these best tasting healthy cookies themselves!

Seriously, it’s real. Really REAL. No artificial ingredients you can’t pronounce, NO gluten, grains, dairy, eggs, corn or soy. I think you get the point; just pure, simple ingredients made with love by REAL friends, so we can all enjoy them together.

  • Real Chocolate Chip Cookies (1.76oz)- SKU 94086
  • Real Lemon Blueberry Cookies (1.76oz)- SKU 94085
  • Real Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (1.76oz)- SKU 94087

Loco CoffeeLoco Coffee

Founders Dan and Sean aren’t into the sugary milkshake coffees, but they also aren’t coffee snobs that will tell you they handpicked each bean. They’re normal guys that wanted a better for you, great tasting coffee that people can feel good about drinking.

  • Loco Coffee Coconut Water Cold Brew (11oz)- SKU 94088
  • Loco Coffee Cold Brew Coffee with Oatmilk Vanilla Honey (11oz)- SKU 94089

Chasin’ Dreams Farm

Sydney Chasin grew up on Chasin’ Dreams Farm, the Chasin Family farm, a truly a magical place that always inspired creativity and innovation from simplicity. She has been gluten free since 7 years old—back when gluten free wasn’t quite what it is today! Straight out of college, Sydney kicked down the door to the big ol’ world and got creating! Chasin’ Dreams Farm is now the home for better-for-you, more FUN for you, clean label snacks. They’re taking simple ancient grains and giving them the credit they deserve!


  • Chasin Dreams Farm Cinnamon Air Popped Ancient Grain (.6oz)- SKU 92627
  • Chasin Dreams Farm Cocoa Air Popped Ancient Grain (.6oz)- SKU 92628
  • Chasin Dreams Farm Sweet & Salty Air Popped Ancient Grain (.6oz)- SKU 92461

RISE Brewing Co.RISE Brewing Co.

RISE brewed their first batch of nitro coffee in a small New York City apartment. They grew their business in the garage with a goal to brew as much Nitro Cold Brew as they could and share it with as many people as possible. The more kegs they brewed, the more demand grew, so they built their brewery and started canning RISE for people to enjoy at home and on the go. They are driven to brew the best tasting products using only the healthiest ingredients. They are proud of what they brew… and they’re just getting started!

  • Rise London Fog Nitro Earl Grey Tea Oat Milk Latte (7oz)- SKU 86690

Better Than Good FoodsBetter Than Good Foods

You spoke and they listened! The world around us is moving faster every day which means it’s just easier to grab something sugary in a package and run out of the door. Better Than Good Foods have developed a BETTER snack that is low carb, low sodium, low sugar, keto-friendly, packed with 2 cups of fruits & veggies, and uses 100% whey protein! They designed their puffs as a healthy vegetarian snack for their son while he was undergoing chemotherapy for Leukemia. When you buy Better Than Good, they donate a portion of each purchase to help children and their families who are going through childhood cancer. Better Than Good Foods is proudly women and minority owned.

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