Happy Pride Month! Coffee Distributing Corp. supports every kind of love- Every Day, Every Month, Every Year. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and celebrate the experiences and impact of LGBTQ+ individuals on our history and culture. Support these LGBTQ+ Owned brands this month and every month.

Early Bird Granola Early Bird LGBTQ Owned

Early Bird Granola is woman & queer owned and operated and proud of it! Early Bird dishes out wholesome old-fashioned goodness by baking their granola in tiny batches and using the three most integral ingredients at a cook’s disposal: olive oil, salt and love. Each crunchy-salty-sweet mouthful is slow roasted until it sings in perfect snacking harmony.

  • Early Bird Aloha Recipe with Mango & Macadamias (12oz)- SKU 81970
  • Early Bird Farmhands Choice Granola with Pecans (2oz)- SKU 91108
  • Early Bird Jubilee Recipe Granola with Pistachios & Cherries (12oz)- SKU 81967
  • Early Bird Jubilee Recipe Granola with Pistachios & Cherries (2oz)- SKU 91109
  • Early Bird Kiss My Oats Granola with Rolled Oats & Maple (2oz)- SKU 91110

Peanut Butter & CoPeanut Butter & Co LGBTQ Owned

Peanut Butter & Co started in 1998 with a shop that served nothing but peanut butter sandwiches. They weren’t satisfied with existing mass market brands and their questionable ingredients so they started making their own peanut butter from day one. All of their employees are as passionate as they were back when they first opened their sandwich shop. They may have grown since then, but they proudly remain 100% family owned and not part of any conglomerate. They put their whole hearts into everything they do and believe that having fun is just as important as working hard.

  • Peanut Butter & Co Crunch Time Peanut Butter (16oz)- SKU 49801
  • Peanut Butter & Co Smooth Operator Peanut Butter (16oz)- SKU 33504

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