Browse through March’s new selection of trending snacks. This month’s selection features a range of snacks- from women-owned to Black-owned to ethically and locally sourced, each item is unique. We have a snack for everybody, no matter what your dietary restriction is! Read more about March’s snacks and their fascinating stories below.

Undercover Snacks

Diana is the ultimate double agent…a health-conscious chocoholic!

When she originally started Undercover Chocolate Co., her goal was to make decadent chocolate covered goodies for events, gifts and holidays. After two of Diana’s chocolate-obsessed daughters were diagnosed with celiac disease, she became determined to make this snackable treat gluten-free too. She experimented with every ingredient she could find — and ultimately discovered the perfect combination…Crispy organic quinoa with just enough milk or dark chocolate.

Then she added some healthy, simple ingredients to create several amazing flavors and voila…Undercover was born!

Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt Quinoa Crisps (.25oz)- SKU 86979

March's Trending Snacks
  • Delicious Chocolate Quinoa Crisps in Premium Dark Chocolate + Sea Salt
  • Healthy, Simple Ingredients Naturally Packed With Protein, Fiber and Nutrients
  • Certified Nut-Free, Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher (OU-D), Non GMO Project Verified, Rainforest Alliance Certified

Milk Chocolate Quinoa Crisps (.25oz)- SKU 86980

March's Trending Snacks
  • Delicious Chocolate Quinoa Crisps in Premium Milk Chocolate
  • Healthy, Simple Ingredients Naturally Packed With Protein, Fiber and Nutrients
  • Certified Nut-Free, Certified Gluten-Free, Kosher (OU-D), Non GMO Project Verified

Once Again Nut Butter

Jeremy Thaler and Constance Potter met while establishing Mifflin Street Co-op in Madison, Wisconsin. They shared a common belief in the importance of herbal supplements, worker-owned cooperatives, organic and sustainable farming and the power of community. Upon leaving Madison and moving to Rochester, New York, they established a worker cooperative distribution called Clear Eye Distribution, and a whole-grain bakery that also produced granola using a barrel roaster. A chance question from a friend, “You have a barrel roaster; why don’t you use it to make peanut butter?” led Jeremy to the peanut butter business. In 1976, Once Again Nut Butter was born. The rest is history!

Organic Peanut Butter Graham Cracker Sandwiches (1.59oz)- SKU 92904

March's Trending Snacks
  • Gluten-Free Certified, Vegan, Kosher Certified, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Organic.

Organic Sunflower Seed Butter Graham Cracker Sandwiches (1.59oz)SKU 92905

  • Gluten-Free Certified, Vegan, Kosher Certified, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Organic.


When Megan and Scott Reamer’s son Jackson was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder, their top priority was to find ways to ease his symptoms. After much trial and error, they discovered that a high-fat, low-carb diet—with an emphasis on coconut oil and other ancestral fats—greatly improved both his health and quality of life.

Their whole family adopted this way of eating—but boy, did they miss snack foods! So they set out to make their own. They began cooking locally-grown, thinly-sliced sweet potatoes low and slow in coconut oil on our stovetop. The results were delicious!

The sweet potato chips were too good not to share with you and your family, so they started Jackson’s. His legacy lives on through their company and the snacks he inspired!

Sea Salt Sweet Potato Chips with Avocado Oil (1.5oz)SKU 92798

March's Trending Snacks
  • Just three super ingredients make up these savory and satisfying chips. We take heirloom, non-GMO sweet potatoes, kettle cook them in avocado oil and give them a toss of sea salt to bring out their superior flavor. Hero your lunchtime, anytime snacking today!

Carolina BBQ Sweet Potato Chips with Avocado Oil (1.5oz)- SKU 92799

March's Trending Snacks
  • Your taste buds are about to take a trip to Carolina BBQ country. We toss our already great tasting sweet potato chips with tangy, vinegary, Carolina mop sauce seasoning, building layers of flavor that’ll satisfy any BBQ craving. Super snack status is achieved!

Spicy Tomatillo Sweet Potato Chips with Avocado Oil (1.5oz)SKU 92800

March's Trending Snacks
  • Get ready for a spicy taste sensation. We toss crunchy, kettle-cooked sweet potato chips with flavors of piquant roasted tomatillos, fiery jalapeño peppers and fresh onions for a bold and zesty kick. Inspired by the great salsa verdes of the Southwest, these chips are flavor heroes!


Created in 2016 by Founder and CEO Denise Woodard, when her daughter was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, Partake exists to offer a selection of delicious, allergy-friendly foods that those with and without food restrictions can enjoy and share with confidence.

As a Black & Asian American woman, Denise is passionate about raising awareness of Black and female entrepreneurship and increasing opportunities for underrepresented people seeking careers in the food and beverage industry. In 2020, Denise founded Black Futures in Food & Beverage, an annual fellowship program that mentors HBCU students and helps them secure internships and jobs at the program’s end.

Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies (1oz)- SKU 87695

  • Our mission is to never concoct for flavor alone. The icon. The classic. The Chocolate Chip cookie! One taste of these vegan, allergy-friendly & non-GMO cookies prove why it’s cookie time, all the time.

Crunchy Birthday Cake Cookies (1oz)- SKU 87696

  • Surprise! It’s a birthday cake cookie you can feel great about—birthday or not. These vegan, allergy-friendly & non-GMO cookies are the gifts that keep on giving.

Over Easy

Remember when we were kids and mornings were a blast? Toys in cereal boxes, cartoons on packaging, and frosting on absolutely everything. But then we grew up, life became so damn serious, and mornings started to suck… Well, if kids can have fun in the morning, then so can we! Over Easy was started to remind people life’s too short to not enjoy it. It’s the greatest party of them all – and every day it starts at breakfast. Our mornings are less about your to-do list and more of a reminder life is supposed to be enjoyed.

Apple Cinnamon (1.8oz)- SKU 92906

  • The closest you’ll get to having apple pie for breakfast. In bed. Best kept on nightstand for easy access and direct eye contact.
  • 9g of protein and 7g of fiber—so you’re always satisfied. Call it morning glory.

Peanut Butter (1.8oz)- SKU 91462

  • Listen, you can’t make everyone happy. You’re not Harry Styles or a jar of peanut butter. But—these bars come damn close.
  • Creamy and delicious, with a whopping 11g of protein and 6g of fiber. Like digging your spoon into the peanut butter jar but without the leftover evidence on your hands.

Brewer Food’s

When biking to work in Brooklyn, New York, Kyle witnessed thousands of pounds of spent brewers grains from a local brewery being thrown out. The smell of the fresh grains and a near bakery led him to wrack his mind for what could be done to ”Eat” that beer.

Brewer’s Food makes their products using Up-Cycled brewery grains, a valuable byproduct from the beer making process. When making beer, brewers steep super high-quality grains, like barley, in water. They then strain this mixture, keeping the liquid to make beer and discard the “spent” grains. Turns out, these grains are still incredibly flavorful and nutritious. Brewer’s Foods recycle these saved grains into their crackers and chips to reduce food waste.

Baked Sea Salt Pita Chips (1.5oz)- SKU 92932

  • A healthy amount of whole grains and the perfect amount of sea salt. They pair perfectly with Dips, Cheese, Soup, Salad or just to snack on.

Baked Rosemary Pita Chips (1.5oz)SKU 92933

  • A perfect balance of herbaceous flavor and natural salt. The familiar rosemary pairs excellent with the nutty notes of the roasted barley and wheat.

Overnight Oats Bar

At Overnight Oats Bar, they love making overnight oats at home, but also wanted to make them simple and portable so you could enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

They wouldn’t put anything unhealthy in their overnight oats, so why would they put them in these bars? And, even if you’re living that gluten-free lifestyle, they’ve got your back! There is NO gluten in any of their products.

The grains and fruit in each bar are here to help you get some yummy fiber in your diet, so you can win the day! Coupled with the 10 grams of whey protein, you’ll be fueled up and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Apple Cinnamon (1.3oz)- SKU 92909

  • The sweet taste of apples mixed with the spice of cinnamon makes for the perfect bar, enjoyed at home or on the go.

Classic Blueberry (1.3oz)- SKU 92908

  • Sometimes, you simply can’t beat the classics. Our classic blueberry is the perfect balance of sweet nostalgia and satisfaction.

Banana Nut (1.3oz)- SKU 92907

  • This bar tastes as indulgent as a freshly baked slice of banana bread, without any of the guilt!

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