Sustainable Snack Brands

Enjoy sustainable snack brands that not only take our planet into consideration, but are delicious as well. Rhythm Superfoods, Barnana, Quinn Snacks, Green Mustache, Brewer’s and Project 7 are a few of the sustainable snack brands we offer. Rhythm Superfoods Rhythm Superfoods makes nutrient-dense, inspired, plant-based snacks that move you closer to wellness. That means… Read more »

March’s Trending Snacks

March's Trending Snacks

Browse through March’s new selection of trending snacks. This month’s selection features a range of snacks- from women-owned to Black-owned to ethically and locally sourced, each item is unique. We have a snack for everybody, no matter what your dietary restriction is! Read more about March’s snacks and their fascinating stories below. Undercover Snacks Diana… Read more »

Güdpod Commercially Compostable Coffee Pods

Güdpod commercially compostable coffee

CDC is proud to announce that we now exclusively carry Güdpod commercially compostable coffee pods. Have you ever thought about the environmental impact using an ordinary Keurig pod has? Though Keurig coffee pods are recyclable, a multi-step process is needed to fully recycle it. Güdpod allows for Keurig users to enjoy a cup of coffee… Read more »

Reunion Coffee Roasters

reunion coffee roasters

Reunion Coffee Roasters was founded by Peter Pesce, past Chairman of the Coffee Association of Canada and “reputedly the best cupper in Canada”. They have over three decades of experience in sourcing, blending and roasting coffee for the high-end food service market. Reunion’s mission is to provide sustainable coffee, from seed to cup. To do… Read more »

New and Exclusive Coffee Experience

CDC had teamed up with Muldoon’s to bring you a new and exclusive coffee experience! Muldoon’s Hand Roasted Coffee is a family-owned specialty coffee roaster. The company’s roots began in Glasgow, Scotland. However, they soon relocated to Toronto, Canada- where they are still operate today. Muldoon’s Coffee only uses top grade Arabica specialty green coffee… Read more »

CDC Goes Green with Environmental Initiatives

CDC Goes Green! We don’t just wear the color green, we think green! CDC is continually striving to make sustainable solutions. We take pride in our environmental initiatives- such as our smart equipment, eco-friendly products, recycling programs and efficient facilities. Smart Equipment The use of our smart touchless equipment allows for energy saving efficiency, all… Read more »

Stock your break room with Emerald!

Go Green with CDC and Emerald CDC proudly carries Emerald sustainable products. If you are looking to stock your break room with eco-friendly and sustainable paper goods and cutlery, check out our Emerald options! Emerald uses innovative technology to make Tree-Free products and petroleum free renewable materials like bagasse, wheat, clay, corn, and more. You… Read more »