Please be aware that Mr. Nature, one of our top-selling snack brands, has updated its packaging. The contents of the packages are exactly the same, so don’t be alarmed when you see the new artwork.

img (5) Mr. Nature: New Look, Same Great Nuts & Mixes


Mr. Nature products we currently offer include:

  • Unsalted Trail Mix 60/1.75 oz (MIX)
  • Unsalted Mix ‘N Yogurt 60/1.75 oz (MIX1)
  • Unsalted Fruit Mix 60/1.75 oz (MIX2)
  • Fat-Free Oriental/Rice Cracker Mix 60/1.5 oz (MIX3)
  • Unsalted Energizer Mix 60/1.75 oz (MIX4)
  • Unsalted Aloha Mix 60/1.75 oz (MIX5)
  • Raisins 100/1 oz (SMR)
  • Salted Cashews 100/1 oz (CASH)
  • Unsalted Cashews 12/3.25 oz (CASHU)
  • Unsalted Raw Almonds 12/3.25 oz (ALMRU)

Check out this PDF from the manufacturer to see which Mr. Nature snacks are certified kosher.

If you haven’t tried Mr. Nature products in your office, we suggest you give them a taste. Offer a healthy, shelf-stable snack to your staff in attractive, single-portion packages. Contact us today to learn more!