With a redesigned cover and packed with more products than ever, CDC’s revised product guide is now available for digital download! Hard copies are also available upon request. With the release of this new product guide, new pricing has gone into effect.



New CDC Product Guide


We have added additional products, categories, and pages to this product guide to reflect our ever-growing product line. Keep in mind that our product guide only showcases many of our most popular products — we carry many additional items and can source just about any item upon request.

Newly added items include:

  • Nespresso (page 4)
  • More K-Cups (page 6)
  • Milk, Yogurt, & Refrigerated Items (page 7)
  • Clif Bars & More Snacks (page 10)
  • Hint Water (page 15)
  • Expanded Equipment Showcase (page 23-24)

CDC is the largest office refreshments delivery service in the New York metropolitan area. Contact us today to learn more!