We are very excited to unveil the newest addition to Flavia’s single-cup brewer lineup — the C150.
The C150 is a small-office brewer. For larger offices with heavier usage, the C400 brewer is still the best single-cup option.

The C150 is a pour-over brewer with a small footprint (it measures 14.4″ high x 9.1″ wide x 13.5″ deep). The water tank actually detaches, to make refilling neat and easy. The brew head is vertically-adjustable to accommodate different sizes of cups or mugs. It can brew the entire range of Mars Drinks, including Alterra Coffee, Bright Tea, and two-pack drinks such as cappuccino.


Flavia C150 Office Brewer

Flavia C150 Office Brewer


How is the C150 different from the Flavia C200 brewer?

The C150 is smaller, lighter, and slightly less expensive than the C200, Flavia’s mid-size office coffee brewer. Both models can brew the entire range of Mars Drinks, and neither features auto-eject of spent packets (unique to the C400 model). One key advantage of the C200 is that it can be plumbed-in to a water line or be used as a pour-over machine. The C150 strictly operates as a pour-over brewer.

How is the C150 different from the Flavia SB100 brewer?

Flavia’s previous small office brewer was the SB100. The C150 takes its place with several upgrades. The biggest change is that the C150 can brew two-pack drinks. The C150’s removable water tank and adjustable brew head are two smaller improvements that users of the SB100 will appreciate greatly.

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