The Segafredo Zanetti Espresso brand was born thanks to the great and passionate work of an Italian coffee merchant, Mr. Massimo Zanetti. Descendant from a family with more than two generations in the coffee trade business, Mr. Zanetti expanded the company globally to include roasting, production, and distribution of coffee.

Learn about CDC’s favorite blends from Segafredo

Segafredo Zanetti
Brillante (Brill-ahn-tay)
Roast– Light
Character– Medium Body, Lasting Acidity
Tasting Notes- Silky Chocolate, Butterscotch, Citrus, Spice, Molasses, Earthy, Flowering Nut
Personality– Expressive, Intriguing, Bright, Spritely, Distinctive
Enjoy our Segafredo Brillante selection:

Segafredo Brillante (7.5oz)- SKU 58468

Segafredo Brillante Whole Bean #00618 (2lb)- SKU 44234

Segafredo Zanetti Brillante OC Single Pod 742- SKU 73549

Segafredo Zanetti

Vivace (Vee-VAH-chay)

  • Roast– Medium
  • Character– Medium Body, Smooth Acidity
  • Tasting Notes– Subtle Chocolates, Lemon, Blackberry, Honey
  • Personality– Lively, Spirted, Alluring, Sophisticated Exuberance

Enjoy our Segafredo Vivace selection:

Segafredo Vivace Decaf #751 (2.5oz, Box of 42)- SKU 35131

Segafredo Vivace Ground (7.5oz)- SKU 66205

Segafredo Vivace Decaf Ground (7.5oz)- SKU 66206

Segafredo Vivace Whole Bean (2lb)- SKU 42753

Segafredo Medium Vivace #00655 (2.5oz, Box of 42)- SKU 66390

Segafredo Medium Vivace Decaf #00658 (2.5oz, Box of 42)- SKU 67601

Segafredo Medium Vivace Decaf Whole Bean (2lb)- SKU 42500

Segafredo Zanetti Medium Vivace Decaf OC Single Pod 746/686- SKU 73559

Segafredo Zanetti Medium Vivace OC Single Pod 743/691- SKU 37786

Segafredo Zanetti

Montagna (Mahn-TAN-ya)

  • Roast– Dark
  • Character– Full Body, Bold Acidity
  • Tasting Notes– Sweet Cocoa, Bright Citrus, Herbs
  • Personality– Energetic, Daring, Honest, Compassionate, Dynamic

Enjoy our Segafredo Montagna selection:

Segafredo Montagna (2.5oz, Box of 42)- SKU 47400

Segafredo Zanetti Montagna Rainforest Alliance OC Single Pod 744- SKU 37787

Segafredo Zanetti

Enzo (En-ZOH)

  • Roast– Dark
  • Character– Full Body, Bold Acidity
  • Tasting Notes– Smoky, Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Nutty
  • Personality– Rich, Structured, Fearless, Darkly Honest, Full-Throttle, Proud

Enjoy our Segafredo Enzo selection:

Segafredo Enzo (2.5oz, Box of 42)- SKU 34922

Segafredo Enzo Ground (7.5oz)- SKU 58467

Segafredo Zanetti Bold Enzo Single Pod #00745- SKU 73548

Mild Espresso (E’ spresō)

  • Roast– Proprietary
  • Character– Full Body, Low Acidity
  • Tasting Notes– Drinking Chocolate, Citrus, Nutty
  • Personality– Soft, Velvety, Delicate, Subtle, Smooth

Enjoy our Segafredo Mild Espresso selection:

Segafredo Espresso Capsules (Box of 150)- SKU 37334

Strong Espresso (E’ spresō)

  • Roast– Proprietary
  • Character– Full Body, Delicate Finish
  • Tasting Notes– Dark Chocolate, Ripe Raspberry, Caramel, Toasted Nut
  • Personality– Rich, Worldly, Distinguished, Charming, Boundless

Enjoy our Segafredo Strong Espresso selection:

Segafredo Espresso Extra Strong Whole Bean (2.2lb)- SKU 40178

Segafredo’s Ready-to-Drink Dispensed Cold Brew

Segafredo Zanetti Ready-to-Drink Dispensed Cold Brew delivers 100% consistent café-fresh quality and convenience in one place. Made with their Brillante light roast, this cold brew is refreshingly bright and ultra-smooth with notes of silky chocolate, butterscotch and a touch of citrus.

Segafredo Brillante Cold Brew in a Box (2gal)- SKU 88344

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