Mars Drinks is bringing another big-name coffee brand to its Flavia single-cup brewer lineup. You can now order and brew Peet’s filterpacks!

Three different Peet’s coffees are now available for use with your Flavia machine:

  • Colombia Luminosa, described as “mild, sweetly aromatic, and smooth” (code: FPCL)
  • Café Domingo, described as “smooth, balanced, and medium bodied” (code: FPCD)
  • French Roast, described as “intensely bold and smoky” (code: FPFR)


img (14)


Peet’s is a premium option for our Flavia clients. Peet’s filterpacks come 20 per rail, 80 per case.

And of course, we continue to offer Peet’s beans and ground coffee for traditional coffee brew systems!