We are so excited to help support you and your staff to ensure a safe return to the office. But first things first, make sure all your equipment is ready to fuel your hard-working associates! It is imperative that your office equipment is properly sanitized before your return to the office for the health and wellbeing of your associates.

Coffee Distributing Corp.’s recommended return to office equipment sanitization is as follows:

  • Water filtration services prior to opening to help alleviate any potential microbiological growth.
  • A full machine wipe down and sanitization.
  • All old product to be discarded.
  • All machines flushed internally a minimum of 5x to thoroughly flush any stagnant water or sediment out of the lines.

On top of providing our clients with top of the line equipment sanitization, we also prioritize making our clients feel comfortable and safe. With that being said, service technicians are equipped with PPE to protect themselves and our clients.

To find out more information or to schedule a sanitization please contact [email protected]ee.com!

We are so excited to see all your smiling faces!

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