Exciting news for customers with Flavia Brewers — we are announcing a major price reduction on Alterra Steel Horse coffee, aligning the case price with the rest of the Alterra lineup!


alterra-steel-horse-coffee-box Steel Horse Packed 16 Per Box, 5 Boxes Per Case


Steel Horse debuted in 2013 with much fanfare — but also some sticker shock. Unique to the market, this “coffee with flavanols” boasts health benefits:

Steel Horse Coffee is the first and only hot drink powered simply by two ingredients – pure, robust coffee and 150mg of circulation-supporting cocoa flavanols. This office-focused innovation powers demanding workdays, providing a stronger, better-built cup of coffee.

Order using product code ALTSH and try incorporating this coffee into your lineup of offerings, for the same case price as your other Alterra coffees. Note that Steel Horse is still packed 16 packets per box, and 80 packets per case (rather than 100 per case).


img (24) Offer Steel Horse Alongside The Rest of the Mars Drinks Lineup


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