Opening up the electricity bill each month isn’t supposed to be this much fun! Our new solar panels were installed just before the calendar turned to 2011, and with the snowy winter behind us and the summer sun shining bright, we are finally able to start quantifying the benefits. We are proud to report that our combined electricity usage from the local grid between our two main buildings in Garden City Park, NY, declined an astounding 42.8% in June 2011 versus June 2010! The difference was made up by clean, solar energy that we were able to generate ourselves.

Early conclusion — the solar panels were a terrific investment!

200 Broadway

From the start of the year through July 6th, 2011, compared with the similar timeframe last year, we have reduced our usage and generated enough of our own clean, renewable solar energy at our 200 Broadway facility (main warehouse and offices) to reduce our aggregate electric bills for that location by 25%. Over the past three months of long, sunny days, the impact is even more dramatic — as outlined above — and with summer just barely underway, we are eagerly looking forward to tracking our solar output for July, and August and beyond!




190 Broadway

Adjacent to our 200 Broadway building, our service department makes its home at 190 Broadway. We also installed solar panels on that roof, and with less electric usage in that building, the impact is even more dramatic — a nearly 50% reduction in our billed electricity use!




Check back as we quantify the impact of our solar panels through the peak summer months!