Time flies! We’ve now had our roof solar panels up for nearly a year and a half. We have enough data to quantify their effectiveness, and we’re very pleased with the results!




Our solar panels were installed during December, 2010 and became operational in January, 2011 (just in time for some epic snow storms). Analyzing our electric bills for the full 2010 calendar year (pre-solar) and comparing it with 2011 (post-solar), we were able to quantify the impact that generating our own clean, renewable energy has had on our traditional electric use.

We actually installed solar panels on the roofs of two adjacent buildings. From 2010 to 2011, our electric bills dropped by about 39% at our 190 Broadway building, and by roughly 24% at our larger 200 Broadway location. Overall, the solar panels offset 30.9% of our electricity usage!