After months of rumors, a deal was struck last night between Starbucks and Green Mountain.


Starbucks Coffee Coming Soon To Keurig K-Cups?

Starbucks Coffee Coming Soon To Keurig K-Cups?


Reports are that come the fall, Starbucks plans to start introducing its coffee in K-Cups. At CDC, we are always checking out new products and bringing them to the New York – New Jersey market when we think we find something that offers value to our customers, so we will definitely keep an eye on this new partnership as it develops.

Remember of course, that Green Mountain already offers a ton of coffee options from a variety of brands for its popular Keurig system. If you don’t want to wait for the K-Cups, a single-cup Starbucks machine is already available — the iCup brewer, which brewers bean-to-cup.

Also, in spite of this news, Flavia remains a very strong alternative single-cup coffee system to Keurig. If you can get past the Starbucks name and give Flavia a try, we think that you will love the taste (and competitive price!) of Mars Drinks’ new high-quality Alterra coffee.

Source: Starbucks and Green Mountain strike single-cup deal (Reuters)