With over 37 million filterpacks sold, Mars Drinks represents a major category for CDC. Here’s a look on how those sales break down by category and by SKU.

Alterra coffee made up 67.4% of sales, with Bright Tea contributing 23.3%, Indulgence drinks 7.4%, Peet’s coffee 1.1%, and the new Barista Espresso filterpacks contributing 0.8%.




The far-and-away top-selling SKU was once again Alterra Colombian. Rounding out the top ten for 2015:

  • Alterra Colombian (ALTCO)
  • Alterra French Roast (ALTFR)
  • Alterra Hazelnut (ALTH)
  • Alterra French Vanilla (ALTFV)
  • Alterra House Blend (ALTHB)
  • Bright Tea English Breakfast (BTEB)
  • Dove Hot Chocolate (FLCH)
  • Alterra Morning Roast (ALTMR)
  • Bright Tea Select Green (BTGT)
  • Bright Tea Green Tea With Jasmine (BTGTJ)