Did you know that in addition to carrying the well-known water brands — such as Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, Fiji, Perrier, Poland Spring and more — Coffee Distributing Corp. also offers a 100% biodegradable option? We already sell approximately 50 cases per week of this new, eco-friendly product line, and it’s growing fast!
Not sure what we’re talking about? Don’t quite believe it? Let us introduce you to TYR Water!


Tyr Biodegradable Water Bottles

Tyr Biodegradable Water Bottles


The bottle is made out of an all-natural, FDA-approved organic compound. It biodegrades naturally after being discarded (5 year life expectancy after use), without requiring composting. The bottle can even be recycled with regular plastic, so there are no headaches or requirements for special handling. This is a truly green product!

Yes, even the label is eco-friendly. It is made out of 100% post-consumer recycled-paper, and carries a 1 year life expectancy after use. The soy-based ink does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

TYR Water (Order Now: code TYR) is sold in 16.9 oz bottles, 24 per case. The water is natural spring water, originating from an aquifer deep under the Adirondack Mountains.

TYR is a great option for environmentally-conscious offices, as well as for convenience stores that want to offer a unique product to customers who are increasingly looking to “go green” and reduce their carbon footprint. Click to contact us for more information on TYR water!

A TYR Water PDF download is also available.