Technically, New York City instituted a ban on the sale of foam cups, plates, bowls, and containers in July – although we have been in the midst of a six-month grace period with no enforcement. Now, a judge has thrown out the ban entirely.

New York Times: Judge Strikes Down New York City’s Ban on Foam Food Containers

“New York City’s ban on plastic-foam food containers, the once-ubiquitous vessels for Chinese takeout and curbside halal food, has been overturned, rejecting a signature environmental initiative of two mayors and clearing the way for an industry-backed plan to buy and recycle the items.”


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CDC offers a variety of cups, plates, and bowls – in all sorts of sizes and materials. Whether you are interested in paper, plastic, foam, post-consumer fiber, biodegradable, or something else – consult with our office refreshment experts on the solution that best meets your needs and budget.