Starbucks has discontinued production of Sumatra whole bean and ground coffee. We still have enough Sumatra ground coffee in stock to last a couple more weeks, but we are sold out of Starbucks Sumatra beans effective immediately.

If you have a bean-to-cup brewer in your office — such as a Starbucks Interactive Cup — and were using Sumatra, you will have to switch to a replacement. Caffe Verona, a similar dark roast coffee, is the suggested alternative. We also suggest that you try our top-selling Starbucks coffee, Pike Place, if you haven’t already.

The full listing of Starbucks whole bean coffees that we offer is below, with product codes. All are packed in 1-pound bags, 6 bags per case:

  • Breakfast Blend (SBUCKBB)
  • Blonde Veranda Blend (SBUCKBV1)
  • Cafe Estima Blend (SBUCKE1)
  • Caffe Verona (SBUCKV1)
  • Caffe Verona Decaf (SBUCKVD)
  • Espresso Roast (SBUCKE)
  • French Roast (SBUCKFR)
  • Pike Place (SBUCKPP1)
  • Pike Place Decaf (SBUCKPPD1)

If you don’t have a grinder or a bean-to-cup brewer, Starbucks coffees are also available in ground fractional packs, and in K-Cups. Below are your ground coffee options, minus Sumatra:

  • Breakfast Blend (X381)
  • Blonde Veranda Blend (X309)
  • Caffe Verona (X393)
  • French Roast (X392)
  • Pike Place (X159)
  • Pike Place Decaf (X107)

Peruse our equipment list or contact us today to discuss options for your office!