The Flavia C400 single-cup coffee machine can be used to brew a tremendous variety of fresh, interesting beverages in under a minute. Check out the short video clips below, courtesy of Mars Drinks, to see quick demos of both simple and more exotic brew options. Two-pack drink capability gives Flavia a huge leg-up on competing office coffee systems — learn how easy it is to take advantage of this feature! 

UPDATE: In April 2014, Mars Drinks released this updated “How To Brew” video:

Best of all, there is virtually no limit to the variety that you can offer. One Flavia merchandiser can support every Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea option, as well as all of the two-pack drink combinations you see above (plus many more — creativity is encouraged!). Contact us today to add more drinks to your merchandiser (ask us about “split drawers” for maximum variety) or for help activating two-pack drinks if the feature may have been previously disabled on your brewer!

Visit our machine spec page to learn more about the Flavia C400 brewer and see additional photos.

Interested in what you see? Coffee Distributing Corp. is the largest Flavia distributor in the New York tri-state area — contact us to learn more or inquire about a free trial!