Last Friday, the Mars Drinks team visited CDC (see photos) to unveil some exciting changes to their product lineup. Beginning November 8th, Mars Drinks will offer branded products for use with their Flavia brewers. Flavia coffee and tea packets will be replaced with new product lines from Alterra Coffee Roasters and The Bright Tea Company.

Our entire sales team had a chance to taste-test the new coffees and teas, and the consensus reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Here in New York, we were not too familiar with Milwaukee-based Alterra Coffee Roasters, but the quality was immediately apparent. The single-cup Flavia technology is unchanged, but the coffee inside the packets has been improved, and in some cases, throw-weights have been increased.


CDC's Introduction To Alterra Coffee

CDC’s Introduction To Alterra Coffee


Who is Alterra Coffee Roasters?

Alterra Coffee Roasters was founded in 1993 and has become a sensation in the Midwest thanks to their quality, “hardworking coffee.” Their cafes in and around the Milwaukee area have an extremely loyal following, and their coffees have been recognized for high quality throughout the specialty-coffee community. Now, Mars Drinks is partnering with Alterra to bring their coffee to the office, via the Flavia brewing system.

Who is The Bright Tea Company?

Bright Tea is a new Mars Drinks brand, formulated especially for the Flavia brew system and the office refreshments market. Mars Drinks’ expert Teaologists collaborated with the founder of Tazo Tea to reformulate each of their teas with the right balance of ingredients to produce a consistently delicious cup of tea out of your Flavia brewer.

When Can I Try It?

Unfortunately, we are prohibited from even sharing images of these exciting new Alterra coffee and Bright Tea products, let alone offering samples, before the official launch. But on November 8th, we will finally get our hands on the product, and you can check back with for a full explanation of the entire product line!

We will continue to sell the current line of Flavia coffees and teas through the beginning of December. Around that time, Flavia will no longer be available, and we will instead be selling Alterra coffee and Bright Tea Company tea for use with Flavia brewers. Production of the old Flavia packets will be discontinued, meaning they will not be available anywhere. We are very confident that anyone who enjoys Flavia will love the new Alterra and Bright Tea products.

Interested In A Flavia Machine?

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