We sold over 41 million coffee, tea, and indulgence drink packets for the Flavia single-cup brew system in 2013! Coffees made up 69.1% of our Mars Drinks sales, teas made up 22.9% of sales, and indulgence drinks made up 8% of sales.

Alterra Colombia remains by far the most popular option, accounting for 13.6% of Mars Drinks sales.




2013 Top Ten Selling Alterra Coffees and Bright Teas For Flavia Brewers:

  • Alterra Coffee Colombia
  • Alterra Coffee French Roast
  • Alterra Coffee Hazelnut
  • Alterra Coffee House Blend
  • Alterra Coffee Espresso Roast
  • Alterra Coffee French Vanilla
  • Alterra Coffee Morning Roast
  • Bright Tea English Breakfast
  • Flavia Dove Hot Chocolate
  • Bright Tea Select Green

For more information, visit our Alterra Coffee page or our Bright Tea page. Ask us about a Flavia brewer free trial!