Employee of the Month May 2015

Congratulations to Oswaldo – CDC’s Employee of the Month for May 2015! Oswaldo, a member of our AM Warehouse crew, is in his 8th year with CDC. His warehouse responsibilities include stocking and preparing our paper aisle for our nighttime packers. In addition, he is a talented handyman who assists our head mechanic with repairs… Read more »

Employee of the Month April 2015

Congratulations to Ernie – CDC’s Employee of the Month for April 2015!     Ernie, in his 6th year with the company, is a route driver whose route services the needs of just one customer – a large pharmaceutical company in New Jersey with unique service needs and campuses in several different towns. Ernie represents… Read more »

Employee of the Month March 2015

Congratulations to Gerson – CDC’s Employee of the Month for March 2015! Gerson, an order picker with our night crew, just completed his 9th full year with CDC.

GMCR Spring-Summer Seasonal Coffees

This year, Green Mountain is offering two different Spring/Summer seasonal coffees and both are now in stock and ready for you to order – Island Coconut and Summer Sunrise!     Green Mountain Island Coconut is available in K-Cups (code: GMKIC) and 2.2-ounce fractional packs (code: X89). Green Mountain Summer Sunrise is available in K-Cups… Read more »

Employee of the Month February 2015

Congratulations to Anand, CDC’s February 2015 Employee of the Month!     Anand recently passed the quarter-century mark – 25+ years with CDC and still going strong! As a reliable field technician, Anand is a key member of our service department. This past month he stood out with his outstanding work upgrading the equipment at… Read more »

Fuel Surcharged Increased To $1.00

Our fuel costs have crept back up, triggering a revision of our per-invoice fuel surcharge to $1.00. Our fuel surcharge is linked to our fleet’s fuel costs. The latest PADD Data for New England reports an average gasoline price of $2.468/gallon, and an average diesel price of $3.332/gallon — for an average of $2.90/gallon.

Employee of the Month January 2015

Congratulations to Miguel, CDC’s January 2015 Employee of the Month! Miguel is in his 8th year with CDC. He handles a difficult but essential role as an “Extra Driver” – meaning he does not have a set delivery route, but he fills in where he is needed. Miguel has shown the ability to help out… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Reduced To $0.75

Just a month after lowering our fuel surcharge to $1.00, we are reducing it once again, down to $0.75 per invoice. The latest PADD Data for New England reports an average gasoline price of $2.196/gallon, and an average diesel price of $3.039/gallon — for an average of $2.62/gallon.

Enjoy Peet’s Coffee With Your Flavia Brewer!

Mars Drinks is bringing another big-name coffee brand to its Flavia single-cup brewer lineup. You can now order and brew Peet’s filterpacks! Three different Peet’s coffees are now available for use with your Flavia machine: Colombia Luminosa, described as “mild, sweetly aromatic, and smooth” (code: FPCL) Café Domingo, described as “smooth, balanced, and medium bodied”… Read more »

Get Swiss Miss In A K-Cup!

Keurig continues to add big name brands to its lineup! You can now order Swiss Miss Cocoa K-Cups from CDC, using code KSMC.     Packed 24 per box, 96 per case.

Employee of the Month December 2014

Congratulations to Andy – CDC’s December 2014 Employee of the Month! Andy is in his 4th year with CDC as a customer service representative in our repair department. He stands out by providing great service to our clients over the phone and via email, often helping them troubleshoot equipment problems, and putting them at ease… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Reduced AGAIN!

For the 4th time in the past 5 months, falling gasoline and diesel prices have triggered a fuel surcharge decrease for our customers. CDC’s fuel surcharge policy links our per-invoice fuel surcharge with the average price for gasoline and diesel used to fuel our truck fleet. The latest PADD Data for New England reports an… Read more »

Top-Selling Mars Drinks of 2014

Yesterday we analyzed our 2014 K-Cup sales. Now it’s time to look at our other major single-cup category: Mars Drinks for Flavia brewers. Tea makes up a much stronger percentage of Mars Drinks sales, at 23.1%. Coffee still accounted for the bulk of the sales, at 69.1%, with Indulgence drinks contributing 7.8%.     The… Read more »

Top-Selling K-Cups of 2014

We sold over 16 million K-Cups in 2014, so it’s only natural to be curious what the top sellers were. 87.9% of our K-Cup sales were coffee, 11% Tea, and 1.1% Indulgence drinks. Green Mountain as a brand made up two-thirds of the sales, with the next most popular brand being Starbucks, at 6.8%.  … Read more »

Employee of the Month November 2014

Congratulations to Gene – CDC’s November 2014 Employee of the Month! Gene is a repair technician based out of New Jersey facility. In addition to his excellent repair work on our customers’ coffee equipment, Gene is being recognized for his “above and beyond” contributions during our recent move from Union, NJ to Edison, NJ. No… Read more »