CDC Goes Green!

We don’t just wear the color green, we think green! CDC is continually striving to make sustainable solutions. We take pride in our environmental initiatives- such as our smart equipment, eco-friendly products, recycling programs and efficient facilities.

Single-cup brewer: Flavia C600 - Canteen


Smart Equipment

The use of our smart touchless equipment allows for energy saving efficiency, all while reducing the carbon footprint of your office. The FLAVIA C600, Bevi and NewCo all provide environmental advantages, while also giving users a touchless option.

Eco-Friendly Products

CDC carries Fair Trade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance Coffee. Green Mountain roasts a line of Fair Trade certified and organic coffees – in a whole bean, ground, and K-Cups. For Flavia users, Alterra Coffee Roasters and The Bright Tea Company offer several Rainforest Alliance certified options. Reunion Coffee Roasters offers coffee sourced from their direct trade, fair trade or rainforest alliance certified partners. Their pods are packaged in a compostable wrap, inside a recyclable carton. We also carry organic coffees from a range of other roasters, including Estate Select Organic Guatemalan! Estate Select is made from a 100% solar power facility and is sustainably sourced.

In addition to our standard lines, we carry an array of plates, cups, cutlery, napkins and paper towels made from recycled paper. We offer sustainable sourcing and product packaging from Emerald Brand, Bridge-Gate and Chinet. CDC offers green cleaning products from 7th Generation. 7th Generation’s non-toxic cleaners are better for you, your office environment, and the environment at large.

Recycling Programs

CDC offers two different recycling programs. One being CDC’s Waste-to-Energy Program. This program allows you to turn your used FLAVIA filter packs, K-cups and Lavazza cartridges into energy. Flavia, Keurig, and Lavazza coffee and tea packets are full of usable energy and foil that can be recycled. We have teamed up with our local waste-to-energy power plant, Covanta, to provide you with a convenient, cost efficient way to recycle your used coffee, tea and cocoa packets.

We also offer a Soda Can Recycling Program. Our goal at CDC is to make recycling as easy and efficient as possible for you! Therefore, CDC will provide you with a Soda Box lined with a bag for empty cans. Whenever you receive a delivery, CDC will pick up the empty cans and note them in the invoice. One full bag equals 240 cans and we will credit your account with the $0.05 NYS deposit, totaling $12.00 for 240 cans.

Efficient Facilities

We recently upgraded our lighting in our main warehouse. We now use high efficiency light fixtures, energy efficient light bulbs and motion-triggered sensors in less trafficked areas. The new fixtures run on 2/3 less energy lowering our carbon footprint and reducing hydrocarbon emissions. These new fixtures contain 90% less mercury than older metal halide fixtures. Additionally, in December 2010, we installed Solar Panels on the roof of our main warehouse at 200 Broadway and Service warehouse located in the building adjacent at 190 Broadway. We have reduced our electricity usage by 30% and generated our own clean, renewable solar energy! On weekends, when CDC closes down, the excess power we generate flows back to the grid.

CDC Green Environmental Initiatives Solar Panels