Cold Brew Season is back!

  It’s spring which means cold brew season again! Yay! We at CDC have done the delightfully pleasant work of tasting each of the cold brew brands featured in this blog so you can have the inside scoop on the buzz surrounding cold brew season. La Colombe La Colombe makes their cold brew by steeping… Read more »

Cold Brew & Draft Lattes

Cold Brew Draft Lattes

The warm weather is here, time to crack open your favorite cold brew and draft lattes! Our wide variety of cold brew and draft lattes allows you to choose the perfect pick-me-up drink to fuel hot days. Enjoy it in the office or on the weekends, wherever you are, cold brew is always the appropriate beverage of… Read more »

A Cold Brew Winter

Cold Brew Winter

Just because the temperature has dropped, and snow has begun to fall doesn’t mean you should stop drinking cold brew and iced coffee! Those who live in warmer areas might think it is absolutely crazy to enjoy an iced coffee while there is a blizzard outside. However, here in the north, that is completely acceptable-… Read more »

RISE Cold Brew, Unleash the ROAR

Rise Cold Brew

Crack open a RISE Cold Brew and unleash the ROAR! RISE was created to provide consumers with a great tasting and low-calorie cold brew option with clean organic ingredients. RISE uses nitrogen as an organic preservative that helps keep the coffee fresh (and gives you the ROAR experience). Brewing with nitrogen adds the frothy and… Read more »

Is Iced Coffee the Official Drink of the Summer?

Iced Coffee Official Summer

Technically, iced coffee is not the official drink of the summer. But according to Coffee Distributing Corp. it is, and that is all that matters! Iced Coffee is the perfect pick-me-up drink to fuel long summer days. Enjoy it in the office or on the weekends, wherever you are, coffee is always the appropriate beverage… Read more »

CDC’s Simple Guide to Single Serve

Simple Guide Single Serve

Transform your break room with CDC’s Simple Guide to Single Serve!   We understand that your return to the office may call for some adjustments. Coffee Distributing Corp. created the ultimate guide to make it easy for you to transform your break room and pantry. Included in our Single Serve Guide are all the easy… Read more »

Spring Snacks & Beverages

Spring has sprung! CDC has the perfect snacks and beverages to help you enjoy the nice weather and new blossoms. This spring, cold brew and flavored sparkling water are expected to be the trending beverage of choice.   Here is the full list of spring snacks and beverages to stock your break room with: Bare… Read more »