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By popular demand, we have added a subscription feature, so that you may now opt to receive an email alert whenever this blog is updated. Never miss another post! The email will contain the post title along with a quick excerpt, and a link to the full posting. Also note that all of our blog… Read more »

Single-Cup Coffee? 9 Reasons To Choose Flavia

We are the office refreshments experts: we sell Flavia, Keurig, Tassimo, and all of the single-cup office coffee solutions. We turn a huge volume of Mars Drinks filterpacks and K-Cups through our warehouse — tens of millions of each per year — so we are equipped to handle any customer need. However, our experience with… Read more »

Estate Select Cups Now Available!

Exciting news: our branded Estate Select cups are now available! These are the same style hot paper cups that we have been selling for years, now available with our Estate Select artwork instead of the generic “envy” design.     Estate Select cups are currently available in four sizes: 10 ounce “squat” (ESCUP10), 12 ounce… Read more »

Alterra House Blend Replaces Flavia House Blend

We have now sold out of Flavia House Blend. We only have three of the original Flavia drinks remaining: Decaf Hazelnut, Decaf House Blend, and Raspberry Spark! Alterra House Blend (code: ALTHB) is the replacement for Flavia House Blend. It is one of Alterra’s “Light and Smooth” category coffees, along with Morning Roast and Costa… Read more »

6 Advantages Of Keurig’s K-Cups

Single-cup coffee systems have tremendous advantages — they allow each user to brew a fresh cup of coffee, in under a minute, to their specific tastes (light roast, dark roast, flavored, or decaf), with no leftover waste or pot to clean. Of all of the single-cup systems available for the office, here are 6 reasons… Read more »

What Is Rainforest Alliance Certified Coffee? [VIDEO]

This short video, produced to coincide with Earth Day 2011, explains the Rainforest Alliance, and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee farms:   Many of the Alterra coffees for your Flavia brewer are Rainforest Alliance certified. Learn more on our Flavia sustainability page. Video source: The Rainforest Alliance’s Vimeo page

Coming Soon: Alterra Pumpkin Spice For Flavia!

You heard it here first! Mars Drinks has announced its first ever seasonal coffee for the single-cup Flavia brew system: Alterra Pumpkin Spice!     Pumpkin Spice filterpacks will be available this Fall, on a limited basis. We expect this to be a very popular new drink! It will be a medium roast, flavored coffee,… Read more »

CDC’s Green Mountain Program At Gulf Express

Gulf Express (a new Coffee Distributing Corp. customer) is a great example of how our wholesale consulting experts can help re-sale locations promote their coffee sales! In addition to providing a Bunn glass pot brewer, Newco airpot brewer, Quik Tea, and a variety of great Green Mountain coffees, we set up a wide range of… Read more »

Katie Couric And CBS Evening News On Coffee [VIDEO]

Bill Whitaker explained soaring coffee prices on last night’s CBS Evening News with Katie Couric [VIDEO]: Price of coffee heats up     All coffee beans are up in price — way up, actually — across the board. In 2000, popular Colombian mild cost $1.03 per pound. Over the next 10 years the price rose… Read more »

Learn All About The Flavia Merchandiser

Hand-in-hand with your Flavia single-cup coffee brewer, space-permitting, comes the product merchandiser. The merchandiser is an efficient way to house a variety of drink options. Fill the labelled drawers with filterpacks to store a large quantity of drinks in an attractive and convenient home.     The standard merchandiser consists of six columns, three drawers… Read more »

Is Keurig K-Cup Coffee Kosher? Yes!

We’ve received a brand new certificate from Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, certifying that their coffees are kosher, under the supervision of the Kashruth Division of the Orthodox Union. Yes, K-Cups are Kosher — this certificate covers all of the GMCR brands — including Coffee People, Diedrich, Gloria Jean’s, Newman’s Own, Timothy’s, and Tully’s.    … Read more »

We Now Sell Peet’s Tea!

We have long carried Peet’s coffee — available in whole bean and ground fractional packs — as a premium coffee option. Now, by popular demand, we are carrying Peet’s tea line as well!     We currently stock the following Peet’s teas: Darjeeling Tea: A tangy tea with a bright and penetrating flavor. Grown in… Read more »

How Do Keurig’s K-Cups Work?

Keurig Brewers along with K-Cup coffees and teas have soared in popularity, both at home and in the office. But what is a K-Cup and how does it work? Your Keurig machine brews a hot cup of coffee in well under a minute, but it is NOT “instant coffee.” The K-Cup itself is a sealed… Read more »

Why Are Coffee Prices Going Up And Up?

Every time we think that the market price for raw coffee beans has peaked, it soars even higher. Prices on the New York Mercantile Exchange crossed the $3 per pound mark Wednesday, before settling slightly lower. In the past 12 months, the cost of unroasted coffee beans is up over 125% — meaning it has… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Now $2.25 Per Invoice

Gas prices remain in the news, and the news isn’t great. As per our fuel surcharge policy of following fluctuations in our price at the pump, our per-invoice fuel surcharge is now $2.25.     As soon as the price of fuel comes back down, so will our surcharge. As of 4/18/11, PADD data for… Read more »