Learn More About Peet’s Coffee

Presenting the newest section on our website — Peet’s coffee!     The Full Product List page details each of the Peet’s coffee blends that we carry, and their pack sizes (2.5 ounce frac, 1 lb ground, and/or 1 lb whole bean). The Sustainability page explains Peet’s commitment to sustainability. Read about how Peet’s sources… Read more »

How To Read Nestle Candy Expiration Codes

Since we sell candy via our snack vending machines and also by the full box or case, we often get questioned on how to read the expiration codes. For example, Nestle’s candy products don’t include a clear expiration date, but rather an expiration code which needs to be deciphered.     Luckily, the expiration date… Read more »

Bright Tea Peppermint Replaces Flavia

Introducing Bright Tea Peppermint Herbal for your Flavia single-cup brewer! We’ve just sold out of the old Flavia Peppermint, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with the new Bright Tea Peppermint Herbal (Buy Now: code BTPEP). Note that while Peppermint Herbal is not technically “decaf” it is a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea…. Read more »

Per Capita Coffee Consumption

An interesting chart showing global coffee consumption:   Source: www.chartsbin.com/view/581

Alterra Costa Rica Replaces Flavia

We’d like to officially introduce Alterra Costa Rica for the Flavia single-cup brew system! We have now sold out of the old Flavia Costa Rica, which has been discontinued by Mars Drinks. Alterra Costa Rica (Buy Now: code ALTCR) is the direct replacement. Alterra Costa Rica is one of three coffees in the “Light and… Read more »

Discontinued Gloria Jean’s K-Cups

A number of Gloria Jean’s K-Cups have been discontinued by the manufacturer. The good news is, there are so many offerings from Green Mountain, Celestial Seasonings, Timothy’s, Diedrich, Twinings, and Wolfgang Puck that you are sure to find a suitable replacement!     Pomegranate Berry Fusion Tea, Mango Tea, and Black Gold Extra Bold are… Read more »

Coffee Market Now Up Over 100% YTD

Raw arabica coffee bean prices have now more than doubled in the past twelve months. When we posted a blog item on the coffee market back in October, coffee prices were up 44.2% year-to-date. In November, we reported that the market was up 58.4%. In January, coffee prices seemed to be peaking, up 67.6%. But… Read more »

Green Mountain Point Of Sale Materials

If you run a convenience store or similar type of re-sale location, our mission is to help you to sell as much coffee as possible, keep your customers happy and loyal, and maximize profits. As Green Mountain’s wholesale distributor in the New York Metro area, we have an entire program available to you to help… Read more »

Mars Drink of the Month: Green Tea!

Mars Drinks now offers three different types of Green Tea for your Flavia single-cup brewer. This month we are re-introducing Green Tea with Jasmine (code BTGTJ), Select Green Tea (code BTGT), and Japanese Green Tea (code BTGTJAP). Order now or check out information on all of the new Bright Tea Company filterpacks.     Don’t… Read more »

A Very Happy CDC Birthday!

Account Representative (and blog-lover) Iris Shafer brought in this cake to help celebrate the birthday of a fellow sales rep. Just when you thought CDC Trucks couldn’t look any better… now, with icing!    

How To Read Sunkist Soda’s Expiration Code

Sunkist cans bear a manufacture date code, not an expiration date or sell-by date code. The soda is considered fresh for 39 weeks from the manufacture date (13 weeks for diet product and product in plastic bottles). The first step is to be sure to locate the correct code. It is printed on the bottom… Read more »

What Are The Yellow and Blue Tassimo Discs For?

The Tassimo single-cup system is unique in that it is a barcode-based system. The machine reads the barcode to brew each drink according to its ideal specifications. This also prevents commercial product from being used in Tassimo’s home brewer models. You’ll notice an empty blue t-disc and an empty yellow t-disc come with your Tassimo… Read more »

CDCDeals.com Update! Save Money, Special Discounts!

Check out www.cdcdeals.com! Lots of new deals have just been posted. We’re offering discounts on overstocked items to free up space in our warehouse.     CDCDeals.com currently lists 81 different items at discounts of up to 50%! Products across a wide range of categories are discounted — including Glaceau Vitamin Water, Sprite, Snapple, V-8… Read more »

Flavia Coffee Meet and Greet at Old Navy

Sales Rep Bob Lewent sent in these photos from his recent “meet and greet” demo at Old Navy! We’re proud to do business with Old Navy, and we thank them for giving us the opportunity to re-introduce Flavia (now with Alterra coffee and Bright Tea) to representatives from their various stores and corporate offices.  … Read more »

January 2011 Employee Of The Month

Congratulations to Danny, CDC’s January 2011 Employee of the Month!     Danny is closing in on his four-year anniversary with CDC. As a field tech, he is part of our team that ensures that any customer with an equipment issue is visited by the next business day. Danny is also a key player with… Read more »