Green Mountain Winter Seasonal Coffees

Green Mountain’s Winter season, which runs from January 3rd through March 18th, is upon us! This Winter, Green Mountain brings back two popular coffees: Golden French Toast and Wicked Winter Blend. Both are now in stock!     Golden French Toast (flavored coffee) is available in 50/2.2 oz (X139), 10 oz ground (GMGFT10G), and K-Cups… Read more »

December 2010 Employee Of The Month

Congratulations to Edgar, CDC’s December 2010 Employee of the Month!     Edgar has now been with CDC for over six years. His work day starts at the crack of dawn, operating a forklift to help load our trucks in the morning and get our delivery route drivers on their way. The remainder of his… Read more »

Bright Tea Chai Spice Replaces Flavia Exotic Chai

Introducing Chai Spice from The Bright Tea Company (Order Now: code BTCHAI) for Flavia’s single-cup coffee brewing system.     The original Flavia Exotic Chai Tea has been discontinued by Mars Drinks, and officially sold out earlier this week. The Bright Tea Company’s replacement — Chai Spice — is much improved. Give it a try!… Read more »

Estate Select: Same Great Coffee, New Packaging

Just as we’ve done with our private label pod coffee, we are rolling out new artwork for our Estate Select Colombian Supremo ground fractional packs. The coffee is exactly the same — ground from the same beans, roasted at the same local facility, and filled from the same hoppers. We decided that this new film… Read more »

Now Featuring Wolfgang Puck K-Cups!

We’ve refreshed our homepage for the month of January — now featuring Wolfgang Puck K-Cups!     We’re running a promotion on this new line of K-Cups — not just for January, but for all of 2011. Guaranteed for the next 12 months, we will sell you Wolfgang Puck K-Cups, in place of whatever… Read more »

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Water Bottles!

Did you know that in addition to carrying the well-known water brands — such as Aquafina, Dasani, Evian, Fiji, Perrier, Poland Spring and more — Coffee Distributing Corp. also offers a 100% biodegradable option? We already sell approximately 50 cases per week of this new, eco-friendly product line, and it’s growing fast! Not sure what… Read more »

How Do You Read Flavia Expiration Dates?

Alterra Coffee and Bright Tea packets carry long shelf lives of eight months to a year, and as the largest distributor in our area, we turn over our inventory in about a week. Still, thanks to the confusing expiration date code, we sometimes get asked if we are selling outdated or expired product. Here’s how… Read more »

Bright Tea White With Orange Replaces Flavia

Introducing White Tea With Orange from The Bright Tea Company (Order Now: code BTWTO) for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer!     Flavia White Tea with Orange has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and officially sold out last week. Mars Drinks’ Bright Tea Company has a replacement — their new White Tea with Orange. Click… Read more »

Coffee Distributing Corp. Now Using Green Solar Energy!

Back on December 13th, we announced that we were in the midst of installing solar panels on our two New York warehouse roofs.     Well, we’re very pleased to announce that the installation has been completed — just in time to beat the biggest snow storm in recent memory! If the sun ever comes… Read more »

Alterra Kenya Replaces Flavia Kenya Coffee

Introducing Alterra Kenya coffee for the Flavia single-cup system!     We sold out of Flavia Kenya last week, and it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Alterra Kenya is the direct replacement. Kenya is one of two coffees that fit under Alterra’s “Medium and Bright” category. The other “Medium & Bright” coffee is Alterra’s… Read more »

New Jersey Office Coffee Delivery Service Company

We started as a New York company, but over the years our New Jersey business has steadily grown. A major turning point came in 2007, when we moved our New Jersey sales staff out of their small Clifton satellite office and opened a large, fully-functioning distribution center in Union, NJ. We now have a full… Read more »

Flavia English Breakfast Decaf Discontinued

While we are very excited about Mars’ Drinks decision to introduce Alterra coffee and Bright Tea in packets for their Flavia brewers, there is one downside. Almost every Flavia coffee and tea packet has a new replacement, but Flavia English Breakfast Decaf has been discontinued entirely. There are no “decaf” options in the Bright Tea… Read more »

Alterra Sumatra Coffee Replaces Flavia Sumatra

Introducing Alterra Sumatra coffee for the Flavia single-cup brewer! We are officially out of Flavia Sumatra, which has been discontinued by Mars Drinks. Alterra Sumatra (Buy Now: code ALTSUM) is its direct replacement.     Sumatra is one of four coffees in the new “Dark and Intense” category. The other three strongest Alterra coffees are… Read more »

Alterra Kona Blend Replaces Flavia Kona

Introducing Alterra Kona Blend for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer! We sold out of Flavia Kona Blend last night, and it has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Alterra Kona Blend is its direct replacement.     Kona Blend is one of four coffees that fit under Alterra’s “Medium and Balanced” category. The other three “Medium… Read more »

Alterra French Vanilla Replaces Flavia French Vanilla

Introducting Alterra French Vanilla for the Flavia single-cup coffee brewer!     We have officially sold out of Flavia French Vanilla packets, which have been discontinued by Mars Drinks. Alterra Coffee Roasters’ direct replacement is Alterra French Vanilla. French Vanilla is one of Alterra’s two flavored coffees, the other being Hazelnut. Both are Rainforest Alliance… Read more »