Employee of the Month April 2012

Congratulations Meg, CDC’s April 2012 Employee of the Month! Meg is in her 16th year with CDC, and is a multiple-time winner of this award! Meg is responsible for all of our product purchasing, including regular stock items as well as special orders. As our company has grown, the task has grown more complex as… Read more »

Starbucks K-Cups For The Office

Starbucks K-Cups, previously sold only through retail channels, are now available for office delivery by CDC!     This new line includes six different coffees, ranging from blonde (light) to dark: Veranda Blend (KSBV) (Blonde) Roasting this blend of specially chosen Latin American beans for a shorter time allows the delicate nuances of soft cocoa… Read more »

Video Demo: Flavia C200 How To Brew

The Flavia C200 single-cup coffee machine can be used to brew Mars Drinks’ entire line of coffees, teas, and more exotic “2-pack” indulgence drinks. Check out the short video clips below, courtesy of Mars Drinks, to learn how easy it is to brew the full range of options.  UPDATE: In April 2014, Mars Drinks released… Read more »

Employee of the Month March 2012

Congratulations Ascension, CDC’s March 2012 Employee of the Month! Ascension is a key member of our “night crew.” Caretaker of the keychain, he is responsible for our beloved CDC trucks, shuttling 60+ New York vehicles around as they return from a long day of deliveries, get unloaded, cleaned, and then expertly parked in the appropriate… Read more »

Video Demo: Flavia C400 How To Brew

The Flavia C400 single-cup coffee machine can be used to brew a tremendous variety of fresh, interesting beverages in under a minute. Check out the short video clips below, courtesy of Mars Drinks, to see quick demos of both simple and more exotic brew options. Two-pack drink capability gives Flavia a huge leg-up on competing… Read more »

Starbucks Beans New Case Size

Starbucks one-pound bags of beans, previously packed 12 per case, are now sold 6 per case. We carry a wide variety of Starbucks whole bean coffees, including: Breakfast Blend (SBUCKBB) Caffe Verona (SBUCKV1) Decaf Caffe Verona (SBUCKVD) Decaf House Blend (SBUCKD1) French Roast (SBUCKFR) House Blend (SBUCKH1) Pikes Place (SBUCKPP1) Sumatra (SBUCKS1)     Brew… Read more »

Solar Panels Offset 30% Of CDC’s Electric Use

Time flies! We’ve now had our roof solar panels up for nearly a year and a half. We have enough data to quantify their effectiveness, and we’re very pleased with the results!     Our solar panels were installed during December, 2010 and became operational in January, 2011 (just in time for some epic snow… Read more »

Green Mountain Spring Seasonal Coffee: Island Coconut

Green Mountain Island Coconut is now in stock for the Spring season! Island Coconut is available in both 2.2 ounce fractional packs (X89) and K-Cups (GMKIC).     Indulge your senses with this delightfully fragrant, tropical taste treat. We’ve captured the lush aroma of freshly grated coconut – fruity, fresh, exotic – and blended it… Read more »

February 2012 Employee of the Month

Congratulations Kathy, CDC’s February 2012 Employee of the Month! Kathy is in her 11th year with Coffee Distributing Corp. In her role as Customer Relations Representative, she is responsible for checking in with our existing customers via phone, introducing new programs and inquiring whether there is anything else we can do to improve our level… Read more »

New Flavia C150 Office Coffee Brewer

We are very excited to unveil the newest addition to Flavia’s single-cup brewer lineup — the C150. The C150 is a small-office brewer. For larger offices with heavier usage, the C400 brewer is still the best single-cup option. The C150 is a pour-over brewer with a small footprint (it measures 14.4″ high x 9.1″ wide… Read more »

Fuel Surcharge Update

Our fuel surcharge policy ties our per-invoice fuel surcharge to our average fuel cost. Effective today, the fuel surcharge has been adjusted to $2.25 per invoice.     The most recent PADD Data for the New England region, dated 3/5/12, reports an average gas price of $3.819/gallon and an average diesel price of $4.253/gallon. The… Read more »

Estate Select Coffee From NYC’s Greenest Roaster

We would like to congratulate our roaster, Eldorado Coffee Roasters, on the news of their 240.24 kilowatt solar array. Over the course of the year, Eldorado will generate enough clean solar energy to offset 100% of their electricity needs. We proudly join them in proclaiming Eldorado to be “the only green coffee roaster in New… Read more »

January 2012 Employee of the Month

Congratulations Walter, CDC’s January 2012 Employee of the Month!     Walter recently entered his second year with CDC’s AM Warehouse team. He’s been a versatile member of our crew, pitching in with all areas of the warehouse operation while also stepping up to handle deliveries and to help set up trade shows. No matter… Read more »

Flavia Fortune Best Places To Work

Congratulations to our friends at Mars Drinks the parent of Flavia on Fortune Best Places To Work. Flavia single-cup brewers, Alterra Coffee, and Bright Tea — has an ad touting the integral role its products play in making for a great workplace. We agree, and so do many of the top companies featured in Fortune’s… Read more »

We Now Sell Starbucks Pike Place Roast

Starbucks’ top-selling retail coffee is now available for the workplace. Introducing Pike Place Roast, which we sell whole bean (6, 1-pound bags per case) or ground (18, 2.5-ounce bags per box).     Starbucks describes this coffee as smooth and balanced: “A medium-roasted coffee with rich flavor, good balance and a smooth finish.” Pike Place… Read more »